Apps can make our lives a lot easier in a lot of ways, especially when we just arrive to a new big city like Madrid. In this entry we will tell you a selection of apps that will help you settle better and that are used by both locals and tourists.

Food Delivery
There are many apps for when you get lazy and want to order food that will arrive directly to your doorstep. This apps offer a wide range of different types of food and from nearly any restaurant.

•    Glovo
•    Deliveroo
•    Uber Eats
•    Justeat

Supermarket Delivery
As well as the food delivery, there are also apps that deliver your supermarket groceries directly to you home. You can order from mostly any supermarket near to your home. They charge you a fee for the person in charge of doing the shopping and there is a minimum order.

•    Deliberry
•    DelSuper

Laundry Services
If you don’t have time to go to the laundry or you are just too tired to go, you can have your clothes clean straight in your doorstep.

•    Mr. Jeff
•    Lavanapp

•    Bla Bla Car – car sharing where you can drive in the spare seats of others to any part of the country
•    Uber – car service you can use instead of a taxi
•    Cabify – car service you can use instead of a taxi
•    MyTaxi – taxi services that you can pay within the app
•    Renfe App – Renfe is the national train provider in Spain, the app helps you organize your trips, book the tickets and allows you to store your digitial tickets on your device. 
•    Bici Mad – is the public electric bicycle system in Madrid, the app will let you see where the closes bike stations are.
•    City Mapper – an essential aid to explore Madrid, you just simply put in your location, destinations and choose how you want to get there.
•    Metro Madrid App – it lets you plan how to get around the city and plan your journey if you plan to use the Metro.
•    EMT – for those who want to try the bus system in Madrid, this app helps map the route, find the right bus and see how many minutes to wait until the bus arrives.

If you need a small car to move around the city with parking benefits and where you don’t have to pay for gasoline, carsharing is your best option. To use it you will have to download the app, find the car near you, open it, use it and then park it.

•    Wible
•    Zitycar
•    Emov
•    Car2go
•    Respio

As well as bikes, through the city you can find motos to share. You only have to download the app, see which one is near, and take it to your destination.

•    Eccoltra
•    Muvinf
•    Loscoot
•    Movo
•    Coup
•    Acciona

Electric Scooters
Electric scooters have become very popular as a way of transport, there are a lot of companies that offer this service. You can find these scooters in every street you only have to download the app, see which one is near and take it to any destination you want inside the city.

•    Acciona
•    Eskay
•    Voi
•    Koko
•    Go flash
•    UFO
•    Lime
•    Wind

There are many apps that will help you find different events in your city, some of them have a lot of variety themes depending of your interests.

•    Fever – it suggests many different events, tours, attractions and activities in Madrid and it regularly offers discounts.
•    GuíaPunto Madrid – it helps you fins activities to do in Madrid, like bars, galleries, cultural centers, shopping and more.
•    MercaMad – find the best markets in Madrid to eat, shop and explore.

Cleaning Services
If you want to have a cleaning service in your flat so you don’t have to do it yourself, this apps provide trustful people to go to your flat and clean it. You can either provide the cleaning stuff or they can provide them with an extra cost; also, you decide how much time you want them to be.

•    MyPoppins
•    Clintu

Beauty Salons
It is difficult to find a good salon and with the prices you want, with this app you can look into a variety of salons near you, with different prices and on some occasion you can find discounts.

•    Treatwell

As you can see there are a lot of apps that help you settle faster and make your life easier.
Comment if you have other apps that just like these ones have help us.